October 2021, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date

Action Items

  • Brian H - Send JPCC Board email’s to Ching

  • Brian H - Share JPCC drive with board members

  •  SDOT

    • Ching - Send SDOT Prezo to JPCC

    • Can we do another traffic study to understand the impact of development in and around JP?

    • What upgrades are necessary for Hiawatha S of Bush?

    • Get ‘No Trucks’ signs installed on Rainier to prevent trucks from turning on Charles

    • Get ‘No Trucks’ sign installed on 20th and Weller to prevent Franz Trucks from 

  • Alex - Share parks department contact information with JPCC

  • All Council Members - Develop JPCC Goals for the coming year.

  • All Council Members - Fill out SDOT’s survey https://elc.participate.online/


Council Members

  • Brian H

  • Brian Danin

  • Larry Logue

  • MK Ryan

  • Alex 

  • Rebecca

  • John Andrews - neighborhood member?

  • Vincent - Neighborhood member

  • James Weber

SDOT Member

  • Ching Chan - community outreach lead

  • Laura W - Transportation Operations

  • Ruth Harper - transit and mobility division, RPZ

  • Anna Passey Trevino - Intern with curbside management

  • Venu Nemai - City Traffic Engineer

Agenda - 10/04/21


  • RPZ

    • SDOT’s Goal: minimize ‘hide and ride’ cars within the neighborhood. Don’t want transit users to leave their cars at the station all-day

    • The final decision late 2022 or 2023

    • Occupancy Rating: Amount of space / # of permanent cars

    • RPZ is required to have a public hearing

    • Study Area

      • SDOT will study within 0.5 miles of the station

      • This covers all of JPCC

      • They are committed to doing an RPZ within at least 0.25m of the station

    • RPZ Permits

      • 4 decal permits per household, 1 guest permit 

      • $65/permit

      • Good for a 2-year cycle

    • They restrict parking 20 ft from crosswalks when doing the RPZ upgrades

    • charlie.hockett@soundtransit.org is Sound Transit’s liaison 

    • Questions

      • JPC continually getting tractor-trailers stuck on Charles/Hiawatha. Request to get a ‘no trucks’ sign turning on Rainier. -> Venu will be the contact person

      • No sidewalks or curb cuts on Hiawatha south of Bush. How will the commuters manage parking along here? Currently, doesn’t have enough infrastructure to support this street going forward.  

  • SDOT Survey

  • Rainier and Jackson Left Turn

    • Can SDOT do another traffic study?

    • Only access to I5 and I90 is through our neighborhood

  • 900 Rainier 

    • Don Ho (The previous engineer who met with JPCC has left SDOT)

  • Future Goal

    • Get Contact at OPCD and SDOT in the same room

    • Get parks dept contact from Alex 

Council Positions

  • President

    • Alex Cooley

    • Unanimously Voted

  • Vice-President

    • Brian Hensley

    • Unanimously Voted

  • Treasurer

    • James Weber

    • Unanimously Voted

  • Secretary 

    • Andrew Koh

  • Communications

    • Rebbeca and Brian D


    • Larry and Rebecca

  • Emergency Hub Captain

    • MaryKate