August 2021, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date

Action Items

  • Neighborhood Cleanup

    • Rebbecca to bring card table

    • Yeorgia to reach out DESC about clean up

    • Brian H to bring supplies at 9:45

  • Brian D to confirm that link directs to the self nomination form

  • Mike B to make flyer for Sept Meeting ‘Picnic in the Park’

  • Alex to speak with the food bank to find a contact at St Mary’s


  • Brian H

  • Yeorgia

  • Mike B

  • Andrew Cooley

  • James Weber

  • Mary Kate

  • Rebecca

  • Larry

  • Lou Daprille? - Neighborhood  Member

  • Vince  - Neighborhood  Member

  • Laura Kenkins - SDON

Agenda - 21-08-09

Neighborhood Matching Fund

  • Deadline in Sept

  • Small Sparks deadline is in Oct

  • Waiting to hear back from SDOT and SPU if they would be willing to allow this grant to happen

JPCC Elections

  • Brian D to confirm that link directs to the self nomination form

  • Voting

    • Self nomination set to open 8-11

    • Voting Starts 8-25

    • Voting Ends 9-8

  • September Meeting to be in person in Judkins

    • No HUB opening, as there are two Seattle events that month

    • No cooking of group food, BYOFood

    • Plan on providing packaged drinks and desserts


Neighborhood Cleanup

  • Larry picked up the supplies, Brian H is currently holding onto it

  • Flyers

    • Rebecca and Yeorgia will print posters

  • Rebbecca to bring card table

  • Setup to begin at 9:45

  • Attendance

    • Rebecca

    • Yeorgia

    • Brian

    • Scott and Raleigh

    • 3 from the lofts

    • A couple from the co-housing

  • Focus on Hiawatha

St. Mary’s Closing

  • Is there anything we can do?

  • Reach out to St. Mary’s to understand what their intentions are

  • The assessed value of the property are ~$8 Million