July 2021, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date

Proposed Agenda:

  • 6:30-7:00 Election Planning
  • 7:00-7:15 Neighborhood Clean-Up
  • 7:15-7:30 HUB Activation
  • 7:30-8 Other Business: SDOT Follow-Up, Taxes, Contact List from Events

Action Items

  • Brian H

    • Follow up with SDOT

  • James

    • Have the taxes been filed?


  • Brian H

  • Yeorgia

  • Mike B

  • Brian D

  • Larry - Neighborhood Member

  • Andrew Koh

  • MaryKate

  • Joe Elenbass - SPD Community Coordinator 

  • John Andrews - Neighborhood Member

JPCC Elections

  • Nomination Period: 8/11

  • Voting Begins: 8/25

  • Voting Ends : 9/8

  • September Meeting: 9/13

  • Voting Chairmen: Raleigh, ?

  • Use the same google form as last year

  • Advertisement

    • Send to building managers

    • Post flyers in local businesses: Cafe Flag

Neighborhood Cleanup

SPD Update

HUB Activation

  • The goal is to move the supplies in before the winter

    • Can we combine this with the community picnic/September meeting

  • MaryKate is looking to have a meeting with Diane and later this month

  • Have signs for volunteer positions

    • Radio operators

    • HUB captain

    • First aid training

Community Picnic

  • Have everyone bring their own food, so there is less a chance of germ sharing

  • Combine this with the September Meeting to introduce the new council to the neighborhood

SDOT Follow Up

  • Signal Modifications

    • Follow up to see what the timeline might be

  • RPZ Meeting

    • When will this happen

  • 900 Rainier traffic study

    • Can they share the draft study?

  • Target next meeting for Oct

990 Form

  • Have we filed this?

Semi Trucks

  • How to let the businesses know their semis shouldn’t go down these streets

  • What signage can we get added to these streets?

  • Do we have a contact at Franz?

    • Rebecca knows someone in the bakery department

  • Delivery address is 2006 Weller, instead of on Jackson

  • Combine this request with Thank you note for Coffee Hour donations