June 2021, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date

2021, June 14th. Meeting held over Zoom. 6:30 pm.

Attendees, Council: Yeoryia Anastasiou, President. MaryKate Ryan, Andrew Koh, Brian Danin, Alex Cooley, Rebecca Adrian, James Weber 


Attendees, Community: Joe Elenbaas, SPD. Vincent Furfaro. Larry Logue.


Plan and Schedule Neighborhood Clean Up, sponsored by SPU

SPU resumed program, JPCC organizes volunteers for one-day event. Provide garbage bags and collection, can also request other supplies. Where should we focus? Entrance at Hiawatha and Charles is a good place to start, people also like to do their own blocks, also up on Jackson. When? Can it be a part of the outreach for JPCC? Can it be a way to leverage businesses? Ask them to be a part of the work. Multi-tier approach to areas for cleanup depending on number of volunteers. Choose a range of dates to talk to businesses about. Work with people’s existing relationships with businesses, and also outreach to new businesses. Create a spreadsheet and script to use and track.

Alex first draft of script. Also create google doc spreadsheet open to council.

Safety on Hiawatha, especially in alley, a concern, so make sure enough people are in each group.

JPCC 2021 Election Planning

Election first Monday in September. 2020 was different -- online application to be on ballot, could nominate self or others. Election still online. Will we have the barbeque this year? Do we still want to have people vote online? Still have paper ballots at an event?

Create a timeline for nominations and online election. 2 weeks of voting, likely enough, so start August 23. Could use most of the documents and processes created last year -- Raleigh also volunteered assistance. Logistics planning in July.

Other Community Event Planning

Everytown anti-gun violence organization -- in-person events important, using courtyard between co-op and lofts. SPD would send officers to these events. Use doorways for closed businesses on weekends (with permission). Vote on refreshments budget. 

Past coffee hours at Cafe Weekend, but back room is not open yet. Could JPCC sponsor drinks from the cafe? Can we use it to sign people up for our mailing list? Or do a survey?

Block Party? Is that too big? Maybe too much too soon? There may be many smaller ways to introduce ourselves back together. Piggyback on other moving events -- like Bike To Work Day with the bike shop, 

National Night Out? Not sure if this is going to be held. Registration typically opens June 1, but it has not opened this year. City seems reluctant to support.

September 13th. Community Picnic at Judkins Park. Seed the event with drinks and desserts, or something less shareable, more comfortable.

What platforms do we have to track interest and engagement and budgets? Nextdoor. How do we prove that people live in the neighborhood that they’ve joined or verifying them? Rules about how business members can join or engage in a neighborhood.

SPD Update, Joe Elenbaas

Walls down, east precinct back open.

Emergency box review sent.

Officer killed this weekend on I-5.

Police-community dialogues happening every Thursday night. You can join in any precinct, not just the ones in your area.

Web Hosting

Have to renew web hosting agreement. Submit receipts for gathermail and new hosting.

Can you change preferences in Gathermail? Not sure, but people would need to check their own accounts.


Other Business

CANDC Meet the Candidates forums for District 8 and 9, June 29th and 30th. Share info on our social media.


Redistricting city council 2 & 3, could change our area. Mandatory process, should pay attention to and share hearings and forums. Are any scheduled? Commission not set yet. 2 mayor, 2 council, 1 selected by those four.


Next meeting, July 12th.