March 2021, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date


  • Brian H

  • Yeorgia

  • MaryKate

  • Mike B

  • Rebecca

  • James W

  • Larry

  • Crista - Cafe Weekend Owner

  • Joe Elenbass - SPD

  • Lesley Bain - Urban Planner

  • Vince - Neighborhood Member


  • 6:30-6:40 SPD Updates

  • 6:40-7 Emergency HUB Presentation

  • 7-7:25 Discussion with Framework planner

  • 7:25-7:40 Discuss plan for DoN grant applications

  • 7:40-7:50 900 Rainier Ave S Outreach

  • 7:50-8 Spring Clean

Meeting - 2021-03-08

SPD Updates

  • Car Prowls still up

  • Violent Crime is down in 2021 so far

  • Cafe Weekend Broken into again…

  • Another Haiwatha store front had an attempted break in 

  • Crista is interested in starting a neighborhood watch for Hiawatha

    • Joe Elenbass and another officer can help provide the information and answer questions about what to look for and what to report

    • The city does not have the resources to provide officiers 

  • How can the neighborhood get ‘Neighborhood Watch Signs’?


Emergency HUB Presentation

  • The box will be moved to Judkins park later this week!

  • How to use the box

    • The top and front face lift up

    • Two locks on either side

    • Look for the the red binder with information for each helper job

    • Each of the bins is labeled with its contents

    • The folder includes instructions 

  • Note the bin is not designed to give first aid or supplies

  • MaryKate has volunteered to be the co-captain 


Discussion with Framework planner

  • Lesley has experience with

  • She says that the city hasn’t done a lot of neighborhood planning

  • Need to have a plan for what we want the neighborhood/streets to look like

  • It can be a neighborhood document and not a city official document

    • Easier and faster to assemble

    • Takes a long time for the 

    • Has less power for working with developers

  • How can we define the neighborhood before the city defines us?

  • This work is generally paid for through grants through the neighborhood

    • These are flexible

    • We previous got some for neighborhood flags along Hiawatha

    • For matching grants we need to have matching volunteer hours 

  • We would need SPU buy in for work above the pipeline

  • What are different ways we can engage the neighborhood?


Discuss plan for DoN grant applications

  • Ran out of time to discuss this further


Rainier Ave S Outreach

  • We missed the public outreach design review

  • MaryKate has a professional relationship with Brad and Lisa

  • The council thinks it best to meet with them sooner rather than later

  • Crista is concerned about the number of cars needing to use the alley and their access to get onto Rainier

    • What is the plan for this?


Spring Clean

  • SPU is normally the sponsor, but nothing is being coordinated for this year

    • How can we get the trash bags collected

    • Brian has a truck for collecting the supplies

  • Rebecca has the supplies from last year

  • Suggestion to get neighbors to clean along their own streets instead of a centralized effort, also this helps with COVID

  • Generally it’s in the end of April or the beginning of May

  • How will we handle the sharps?

  • Crista will help promote once a date has been selected

  • It’s important to track the people and their time for matching funds hours