February 2021, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date


  • Brian H

  • Yeorgia

  • MaryKate

  • Larry

  • Mike B

  • Brian D

  • Rebecca

  • Vince - Neighborhood Member

  • Joe Elenbass - SPD

  • Freyton - DESC

  • Crista - Cafe Weekend


6:30-6:40 SPD Neighborhood Safety Updates
6:40- 6:45 Davis/Dearborn Townhomes and Water Pipeline Gardens
6:45-7 Neighborhood HUB Updates
7-7:15 Amazon Fresh @ 23rd & Jackson Project
7:15-7:30 SDOT Meeting Debrief & Next Steps
7:30-7:40 Council Seat Vacancy
7:40-8 Other or End Early

Meeting - 210208

Neighborhood Safety

  • E Precinct reopening put on hold due to vandalism, ETA TBD

  • E Precinct Year End Stats

    • Up in domestic violence, arson, property crime, brugralies, car theft, and violent crime (homicide, aggravated assaults, shootings, )

    • Down in theft, sexual assaults

    • Contact Joe for more information about specific statistics

  • Please report any crimes for data collection

  • Joe can help facilitate a neighborhood watch

  • Joe to share resources for unhoused people

    • SPD is no longer involved with unhoused issues, King County Still is

  • Cafe Weekend was broken into last night

  • Needle collection / sharps container installed in the Hiawatha Alley

  • Joe offered to be looped in on any emails with SDOT


  • Freyton and crisis diversion facility introduction

  • Capacity is capped due COVID

  • Looking to engage with council due to firearm incidents in December

  • Non-emergency numbers for people suffering from a crisis 

    • Crisis Connection - 

      • 24 Hour: 866-427-4747

      • Office: 206-461-2310

    • King County 211 (for community resources: 800-621-4636

    • Call 911 and ask for Community Service Officers (non enforcement officers)

    • Call 911 and ask for Crisis Response Team (Officer with a social working and extra training background)

    • Ask if the person has a case manager and what agency they are with

Neighborhood HUB

  • Box is setup and just waiting for install 

  • MaryKate to be the co-captain

  • Keys should be distributed to the JPCC

  • Questions from the board:

    • Who will track these keys?

    • How many people are needed to operate the Box?

    • How will the HUB committee be organized?

    • Need Diane’s input

Amazon Fresh @ 23rd and Jackson

  • CANDC sent a letter and their meeting will be on 2/11

  • JPCC will decide on their response based on 

SDOT Debrief & Next Steps

  • Council should prioritize list of items to follow up with SDOT

    • Charles and Hiawatha intersection with the incoming apt building

      • Parking

      • Loading Zones

      • Emergency exit

    • Left turn from Jackson to Rainier 

  • How do SDOT and OPCD work together?

  • What frequency should we meet with SDOT/OPCD?

    • Get a quarterly meeting with all parties to discuss what projects are going on in the neighborhood

Davis Townhomes

  • Yeorgia emailed planner based on debris dumped on flower beds

  • Not sure what is the best way to follow up with construction superintendents to get results 

Council Seat Vacancy

  • Marks Resignment

    • No opposition from the council

  • The council is able to fill vacancies by a simple vote

    • Does anyone know someone who is interested in joining?

    • How to get new apartments involvements

    • Make JPCC mailers to increase neighborhood involvement