January 25, 2021, Meeting between SDOT and JPCC

Meeting Date



  • Yeorgia

  • Mark

  • Brian H

  • Brian D

  • Larry

  • MaryKate

  • Diane


  • Raleigh Watts

  • Paul Crane

  • Vince 

  • Amy 

  • Lou 

  • Suresh Chammugam

  • Livy S. Yueh


  • Ching Chan

  • Summer Jawson

  • Becky Edmonds



Background of Central Area Greenway

  • King Street Greenway is nearly finished

  • Got community feedback in 2017

  • Briefed JPCC in Jan 2018

  • SDOT expects it takes 6-9 months for traffic to adjust 

  • SDOT reviews changes after 1 year

18th and Jackson Intersection

  • Summer's Reasoning

    • 18th and Jackson has a high volume of right angle accidents

    • Vision 0 team is looking to reduce accidents and traffic along the Greenways

    • Adding the diverter was designed to keep drivers off of 18th (the Greenway)

    • Adding only a light would pull drivers from the neighborhood to drive along 18th (The Greenway)

  • Residents give their opinions on 18th and Jackson

  • Reach out to Ching with any more opinions

20th and Jackson

  • Not enough roadway for left turn pocket without removing parking

  • SDOT currently doesn’t not recommend this change as there is not enough volume, measured in 2019

Increased Density

  • OPCD manages plan for Seattle Comprehensive Plan (last updated 2020)

  • SDCI does coordinate traffic impacts of new developments


  • SDOT will begin parking outreach in late 2021 or 2022

    • Will include outreach to JPCC and mailings to the neighborhood

  • SDOT is required to mediate parking within 0.25 mi

  • RPZ likes to focus on ‘demand generators’

Direct extra transportation questions to Ching:

  • Paul - Have speed bumps continue down 18th

  • Brian D - Protected bike lane on Jose R. Bridge

  • Mark - Pedestrian overpass for I-90 on/off ramp

  • Larry - Left turn on Rainier from Jackon