January 2021, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date


  • Brian H

  • Yeorgia

  • Larry

  • MaryKate

  • Mark

  • Brian D

  • Diane

  • Mike B

  • Rebecca

  • James 

  • Vince (Neighborhood member)

  • Katrina Freeburg (Neighborhood member)

  • Laura Jenkins (DoN Representative)

  • Joe Elenbaas (SPD Representative)

Meeting - 2021-01-11

SPD Updates

  • Joe Elenbaas, a crime prevention representative

  • 180 officers quit or retired last year

  • Cases are up by year (+100 increases from last year)

  • 12 incidents of car prowls on or around Davis recently, SPD is looking at how to increase patrols in this area from 1am to 6am

  • Can request a security audit from Joe to personally come and review your property

  • SPD offers a variety of classes for crime prevention and women’s personal safety

  • YOY cases are up, while calls to 911 are down. Joe recommends calling to report even car prowls because the number of calls they receive from a neighborhood can impact how many officers get deployed there.

DoN Updates

Outreach Strategies

  • Will continue to publish the JPCC board email address for anyone from the neighborhood who wants to join the monthly meeting

  • Goal is to have the meeting agenda set the week before

  • Rebecca to post onto Nextdoor and Facebook for neighborhood engagement

  • JPCC would like to develop it’s own email list of residents

  • Katrina can help to build a google list

  • Find one person in a building and have them send it out 

CSC Incidents

  • Email forwarded to the rest of the council

  • 12/20/20 - On swing shift (between 8 pm - 10 pm), someone in the community that appeared to be experiencing some sort of psychotic episode (unsure if this was related to any substance use or not), quickly drove their vehicle into our parking lot reporting he was being followed/chased. Staff attempted to engage with this person upon him entering & exploring our parking lot and he eventually ended up getting back into his vehicle and driving off. Officers were around the corner and ended up driving after him. After he left, it was discovered he ditched a firearm in our parking lot under one of our parked vehicles. Officers came to request camera footage and informed us that this person was a murder suspect. He later found out that this person was taken into custody. 

  • 12/24/20 - During swing shift (around 9 pm) there was an altercation among people parking near our dumpsters that quickly led to gunfire (staff reported hearing 5-6 shots in total), one of which hit one of our windows in our intake room and broke a window. The parties involved in the altercation either ran or drove off. Some of the people that ran off briefly were in our parking lot as they ran away but quickly fled our property. We were able to call 911 and they responded fairly quickly. We reviewed camera footage and followed up with providing video footage as needed. 

  • Respond to them to ensure open communication

SDOT Meeting Prep

  • SDOT Meeting

    • 1/25, 6:00pm

    • Summer Jawson (Neighborhood Greenways Program Owner)

    • Becky Edmonds (Community Access and Parking Program Lead)

    • Ching Chan (Project Delivery Outreach Lead)

  • Meeting Topics for SDOT

    • 18th and Jackson intersection Left turn

    • Add protected left turn from Jackson onto Rainier

      • Traffic is backing up from this intersection

      • New developments (23rd and Jackson) will only increase traffic

    • 20th Ave left turn onto Jackson

      • Mediation for egress of the neighborhood?

    • Increased neighborhood density

      • What is the plan for neighborhood ingress/egress

      • Density in and around the neighborhood is growing

        • In JP: +869 multi-family residences (~since 2018)

        • 23rd and Jackson: +607 units with +545 parking spaces)

      • How is SDOT connected to other city planning?

      • What is the best way for JPCC and the neighborhood to work with SDOT?

    • RPZ

      • We’ve been told this is coming with the light rail

      • What are the requirements to get this early?

Treasurer Duties

  • City of Seattle has reimbursed the council for the initial HUB purchase

    • Diane is waiting to finish returns for the final HUB equipment list 

  • James working on filing 501c3 and paperwork

    • Need to get JPCC on a regular filing schedule (June to June)

    • $43 processing fee

    • Costs approved unanimously