August 2020, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date

I looked into the OPCD website, it cuts our neighborhood in half, splitting the data between Judkin's Park and North Beacon Hill. Maybe there is more data/ in another form for us to get a better sense of our particular neighborhood. 

Action Items

Brian H

  • Send out election bylaws


  • Check if taxes were paid for 2019


  • Brian H

  • Yeorgia

  • Mike

  • James

  • Larry

  • Diane

Meeting - 08/10/20

HUB Update

  • Waiting on insurance as there are new rules for small non-profits

  • We have until the end of Oct to get this in place


  • Were taxes paid for 2019?

  • Micheal, past treasurer: 206-322-0692


  • Positions formally extended through December

  • How to run the election

    • Google Forms

    • Survey Site

  • Need to have a write-in spot

  • Need participants to submit address/name to ensure they are within the neighborhood

  • Does everyone on the council want to run again?

  • Need to get clear on election bylaws

  • Need volunteers for running the election and advertising

    • Yeorgia & Rebecca for posting 

    • How much advertising time vs voting deadline?

  • Need to advertise nomination period


Virtual Art Show

  • Delayed until the fall due to respecting social media attention to BLM

  • Looking to diversify the artist selection


Mail List 

  • How to correlate email address from the neighborhood that are given out for different events

  • What is the best way to store them for general communication?

    • CSV?


Anti-Racist Commitment