July 2020, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date

Zoom, 6:30pm (write to jpccboard@jacksonplace.org for the participation link).


  • Neighborhood security guard share program (Kibibi)
  • Central Area Neighborhood District Counsel (CANDC) representative
  • Central Area Senior Center (CASC)
  • Other Neighborhood (including Covid-19) issues


  • Brian H

  • Brian D

  • Diane

  • Mark

  • Yeorgia

  • Rebecca

  • Kibibi (Non-council member)


Meeting - 07/13/20

  • Neighborhood Security Guard

    • Have a private security guard/company patrol the neighborhood

    • Supported by a mix of residential and businesses

      • What businesses would be interested?

      • Can we get any of the apartment buildings interested/involved?

    • Not explicitly sponsored by JPCC, may have some legal implications 

      • JPCC can market it

      • JPCC doesn’t want to manage the funds

    • Idea is to create a sub-group of people of champion it

      • Kabibi is tentatively starting to create this group

  • CANDC - Central Area Neighborhood District Council

    • Rebecca is going to take over for Bill

      • Board voted unanimously

  • CASC - Central Area Senior Center

    • City wants to sell the property, without making concessions toward inclusion or diversity

    • Council decided that a letter of support to the CANDC Letter

    • Rebecca is going to write the first draft of the letter

  • HUB

    • Money is available from DON

    • We need to buy supplies and get reimbursed by grants from the city

    • Still unclear who has access to the JPCC bank account