March 2020, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date





Brian H



Brian D


Officer Correy


Action Items

  • Yeorgia and Rebecca to investigate private security options

  • Diane and James to sign Parks Department paperwork

  • Rebecca to get mail from JPCC Mailbox

  • Brian D to follow up on Charles St lane change timeline

  • James to see if Alma knows more information on 18th St water main replacement timeline

Crime update

  • Below average crimes against persons

  • Above-average crimes against property

    • Trending down

  • DOA on Rainier - Medical Related

  • Attempted burglary arrest

  • Working on cleaning up encampments around our area

    • Need property owner or business owner to be 'victim' if there is camping on private property, this includes alcoves 

    • They are encouraging us to call everything in as they have no visibility and the city is moving to be data driven

    • Find it Fix it App is the catch-all for everything else

  • Different buildings maybe interested in hiring private security, looking to get a percentage of neighborhood

  • Should the council be responsible for managing this? Or act as a fiscal sponsor? What would the liability be?

  • How would this affect the neighborhood as a whole?

  • Y and R to investigate the cost

HUB Update

  • Parks department has agreed to host the HUB at Judkins Park

  • Bill is doing work to rehab the box

  • Timing is uncertain, due to the COVID-19

  • When to do the unveiling? 

    • Need to get a permit from the city

    • Can we partner with Umoja Fest?

    • Want to set a date to coordinate with the city

    • Want to be able to show all the supplies that are in there.

JPCC General Issues

  • Need to get treasurer approved with banks

  • We have $7,000 leftover from an old grant

    • What was this from and how should we spend it?

    • Bill may know what the grant was and why we have it

  • Need to get password set up on 

  • JPCC Mail Box

    • Central Customer Service Center

    • Rebecca to pick up this month and share the procedure with the rest of the council

Neighborhood Construction

  • Replacing the water main on 18th ave

  • Central District Walking Map

    • Brian H is volunteering with this

  • PFI moving into the Muir

  • Follow up with parking modifications on Charles

  • Jackson and 23rd

    • Move-in starts April 1st


~~~~ Updates from James Weber Below ~~~~

- small correction if capturing these notes on website:

 Move-in for Jackson23rd is April 15th

James to see if Alma knows more information on 18th St water main replacement timeline  works for SPU, not transportation. Were any other contacts listed on the comms?

- HUB event at Judkins

it is scheduled for July 31st thru Aug 2nd at Judkins

If we want to pursue a booth based on timing, etc, I can reach out to the org to inquire about a booth

~~~~ Another Update from Brian Hensley ~~~~

Just after I hit send Brian Eng responded. Here are the updated notes about the work on the 18th Ave watermain replacement:

There have been some design adjustments and no trees are planned to be removed. The trees are planned to be protected. The schedule for this site is for late summer or fall of this year and will be impacted for 4 weeks. You will receive a notice two weeks before active construction begins.


No word, but I assume the cement around the roundabouts will be replaced and/or leveled.