807 Davis Pl

Latest Updates, 11/06/2018

Original Ordinance authoring sale of land, No. 119548:
http://clerk.seattle.gov/~scripts/nph-brs.exe?s3=&s4=119548&s5=&s1=&s2=&S6=&Sect4=AND&l=0&Sect2=THESON&Sect3=PLURON&Sect5=CBORY&Sect6=HITOFF&d=ORDF&p=1&u=%2F~public%2Fcbor1.htm&r=1&f=G, original archive at http://clerk.seattle.gov/~archives/Ordinances/Ord_119548.pdf

City Remarks

We were told this document (PDF) is what cleared HomeSite to be able to sell the land.

From: Haugen, Nathan <Nathan.Haugen@seattle.gov>
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018 10:13 AM
To: Mark Lloyd
Subject: RE: Homesight Dearborn/Davis Place Property

Hi Mark,

We apologize for the delay in responding to you. Relevant staff were on vacation. HomeSight did complete all affordable housing improvements and The Office of Housing issued a certificate of completion for the property over 12 years ago in May of 2006 (see attached). Therefore, the Office of Housing did not have regulatory authority over the land when it was sold.

 We do understand that HomeSight plans to re-invest the proceeds of the sale in affordable housing in the Othello neighborhood.  

Update on Meeting, 10/17


This meeting was for public comments, and the developer was not required to (and did not) attend. The developer did attend the JPCC August meeting, and said they would attend this meeting. The developer also said they would followup with the JPCC group, but to date (10/25/2018) has not followed through.

Of note from the public comments and interchange with the city:

  • Led by:
    Brandon Cummings
    (206) 684-0251
    see: http://www.seattle.gov/dpd/aboutus/whoweare/designreview/boards/default.htm
  • This was a SEPA review public comment meeting
  • All parties to the review (including those that signed in to this meeting and / or provided public comment) will receive notice of the SEPA decision, which begins a 2 week appeal window
  • The SEPA review board said they would request that a construction management plan be required, if the project passes the SEPA review. The SEPA board can require a construction management plan if there are mitigating traffic, congestion, and safety concerns.
  • The SEPA board must approve projects if they are legally defined to fit the SEPA code, so it's highly formulaic process

Original Notes Below:

Parcel ID 1937300070

Original Sale and Agreement between City and Homesight

Council Bill Number: 114516
Ordinance Number: 121135


AN ORDINANCE relating to affordable housing development; authorizing an agreement with the Washington State Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development and the acceptance by the City of One Hundred Ninety Thousand Dollars ($190,000) thereunder; authorizing a grant to HomeSight to support development of housing for low-income buyers; increasing the 2003 Budget of the Office of Housing by making an appropriation conditioned on receipt of State funds; and ratifying and confirming prior acts, all by a vote of three-fourths of the members of the City Council.

2018 Sale to DEP Homes

* Sold to DEP Homes 6/14/2018 for $880,000


Can't seem to find this agreement accessible, but it's listed here: https://recordsearch.kingcounty.gov/LandmarkWeb/search/index?theme=.blue&section=searchCriteriaParcelId&quickSearchSelection=# when you search for

parcel id 


Plans from DEP Homes

Click here to download (13MB .PDF)

Poster board for the property: sign for 807 Davis Pl