May 2020, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date

1) Virtual Art Show

  • We officially launched the Call for Art today (5/11/2020) and are working on promoting it! We could use everyone's help with promotion, but I'll go over this on the call.
  • I wanted to clarify what budget we have for poster printing (this would mostly be needed to promote the show itself in a few weeks). 
  • I also wanted to discuss what funds would be available for a small mural on the Hiawatha Art Lofts community room windows. The idea would be to have Billy Davis (my partner who lives with me in the Lofts and is a great muralist) come up with a fun, uplifting design that could be left up for a while, maybe even beyond the art show, to liven up Hiawatha Place. Somewhere beside the mural would be some text promoting the virtual art show as a way for people to support local artists, as well as a note that it is sponsored by the JPCC. So, I'd like to clarify what kind of budget there might be for this. We could keep it at $1000 or under, depending on how detailed/complex we want the mural to be. I'm thinking if we could provide him with our budget,then he can come up with something within those budget parameters.

2) Emergency Hub