February 10, 2020, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date


  • Brian D

  • Dianne

  • Yeorgia

  • Mark

  • Mike

  • Laura Jenkins

  • Officer Correy

  • Vince

  • Rebecca

  • Brian H


1. Officer Correy Update

  • Update on crime stats

    • lots of car prowls on Poplar

  • Homeless camps are expected to go through cycles, as we are near edge of precincts, SDOT land, etc


2. Department of Neighborhoods

  • Laura Jenkins

  • Census is coming

    • April 1st, there will be an online component

    • If you don't fill it out, they will send someone to your house

  • Seattle King County Health Clinic

    • This weekend at seattle center

    • Free dental, vision, and medical services

  • Your Voice your choice

    • Entering idea collection phase

    • JPCC should submit something, ideas before march meeting, select topic and then write up,

    • Up to $150k, idea to be completed in 2021

    • Suggest problem and/or solution

    • Laura to look into if trail cut through would be a good fit for YVYC

  • Neighborhood Matching Funds

    • JPCC to submit idea

    • Larger project, good for developing a plan or transit related


3. Emergency Hub

  • Answer questions for the insurance form

  • Hub Locations

    • Department of Parks may already be using the parks, we would need to pick another meet up location

    • Looking into using the JW church as a possibility

  • Need a group of people to commit to be responsible for the HUB

    • This involves once a year drill and training

  • HUB 101 Meeting

    • Practice hub in a room

    • Good examination of what it takes to set up a hub and the duties


4. JPCC Tool Dispositions

  • JPCC has two metal boxes

    • One will go to the HUB

    • What to do with the exta, Sell to bill?

  • What do we want to do with extra tools?

    • Sell, donate, keep?

  • Rebecca to coordinate on class and hub events


5. SDOT Updates


  • We will reach out on Parking in March/April

  • No response on off ramp overhead pass