October 2019, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date


  • Brian D to send out council contact information to new JPCC members

  • Brian H to ask Susan for stats on CSC usage and plan to beautify the building

  • Rebecca needs to be added as admin for Nextdoor and Facebook JPCC page

  • Brian D needs to be added as admin for Nextdoor


SPD Stats
    4 Car Prowls in one, someone just going through (typical is 7/month)
    3 attempted auto theft
    In general crime is down for this month, theft is the same
    In regards to CSC changes SPD says they generally always check a person's background for social contacts so no real changes from their perspective
        They will check with a colleague and follow up with more information
    Some interest in getting a block watch started, need internal
Election Results
    They are ratified
        Proposed by Brian D
        Seconded by Brian H
        Passed unanimously
New Board Positions
    Proposed Positions by Brian D:
        President - Brian D
        Vice President - Y
        Treasurer - Michael (acting treasurer, needs confirmation)
        Secretary - Brian H
        SNAP, emergency preparedness - Diane
        Communications and PR - Rebecca
        Creative Director - Mike
    Seconded by Larry
    Passed unanimously
    Brian D to send out contact information to new JPCC members
Public Art
    Community interest in getting grant for public art or little libraries
CSC Rule Change
    CSC is following up with good neighbor agreement
    Brings SPD acceptance requirements inline with other agencies
    In original good neighbor agreement, they are supposed to work with building owner to beautify area
        Tear up asphalt and upgrade appearance
        JPCC willing to help with labor costs and getting street trees
        Property owner would put some $ into, we can agree to a cap
        With recent development around we would like it to fit in
    Brian H to ask Susan for stats on how they think it will increase enrollment
November Meeting
    No objections to holding it on Veterans
CNDC Meeting
    Candidate Forum on 10/25th, 7 -8
        Looking for people to bring refreshments
Social Accounts
    Rebecca needs to be admin for Next Door and facebook
    Brian D needs to be admin for Next Door, Bill is current admin
JPCC Priorities
    What is goal for the year?
Emergency Hub
    Needs information for JPCC to be the fiscal agent for the HUB grant
    City starting to phase out the SNAP program
    Make smaller SNAP groups through out the neighborhood