August 2019 JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date

We had a quorum and voted on several issues


The high profile decision was to approve writing a letter to SDOT to address traffic issues on Hiawatha. Specifically, to immediately implement the right turn lane on WB Charles and to put a moratorium on all work/improvements to Hiawatha without first meeting and discussing options with the council. 


Unfortunately, some family issues have come up and I have not been able to work on it as much as I thought I could. Here is the link below for anyone from the council to write and edit. 


SDOT Letter



  • SPD, officer Corey
    • Uptick in package theft, suspect caught, waiting to see if this was the major variable
    • 3 burglaries recently, door was left open
    • Working to keep encampments clear on N of 90,
      • S of 90 is a different precinct
    • Joe Elenbass - crime prevention coordinator
      • Pamphlets: block watch, package theft, etc
      • SPD can only post to nextdoor, they can't see next door, neighbors should report and turn in evidence
      • Can now submit a video evidence directly to SPD
      • Coffee with a Cop
        • 9/24, Madison Safeway 9-11am
        • 10/8, E John Safeway, 9-11am
      • Report things with 'Find it, Fix it' the city actually uses the data, locations, and time stamp
  • Neighborhood Watch
    • Need to establish who is/are the 'lead'
    • Est 1-3 meeting a year with SPD to tell trends, give tips, etc
    • SPD can give examples of how to use social media for the watch
    • Up to JPCC to decide what works best for them, ideally, it's more granular than the entire neighborhood
    • Essentially just want to open up communication between neighbors
  • Hiawatha Traffic
    • Linda got responses from the neighborhood night out
      • Most people agree on adding R turn lane on W Charles
      • Need to bring this up with SDOT
      • Remove parking spot in between lofts and shell
      • What is Venu's position?
      • SDOT Letter
        • Proceed with R turn lane before school starts, this was promised in the initial plan for Dearborn closure
        • SDOT to do a mortarium to not to make any changes without sending a representative to JPCC to discuss changes
          • Articulate that traffic circle is not working with stop signs and
        • Board voted and confirmed the decision to write a letter
          • Unanimous decision
    • Election BBQ Planning
      • Food
        • Bill has gotten this in the past, can he do it again?
      • Potluck style again, bring sides
      • Rain plan - can someone reserve Hiawatha lofts just in case?
      • Start at 6
      • Linda to post on Next Door
      • Mike to make a poster
      • Who has the previous template for ballots?
    • Emergency Preparedness and SNAP
      • Draft of the HUB application
      • The Hub needs to have a fiscal sponsor
        • Council unanimously voted to be the fiscal sponsor for the HUB
        • Diane and Michael to work out the details