June 2019 JPCC meeting

Meeting Date

Proposed Agenda

  1. SPD liaison
  2. City council candidates updates
  3. SDOT Updates
  • https://www.seattle.gov/transportation/projects-and-programs/programs/project-and-construction-coordination-office/project-and-construction-coordination-map
  • Project and Construction Coordination Map
  • You can see projects planned and in progress on a map and filter by date. The map includes projects from City Light, Gas (Puget Sound Energy), Seattle Public Utilities, Telecommunications, Seattle Department of Transportation, City of Seattle, Regional Transit, Washington State, Private Development, and Other


Mark, Larry, Michael, Rebecca, Mike, Linda, Brian

Begins 18:00

1. SPD, Officer Corey

House breakins

Cell phones being stolen

Community member's bike stolen

Bike index, for stolen bikes, the police can look through that

Note your bike serial number, and have recent photos of your bike

Pawn shops are required to report the numbers

Mayor should become active in July to enforce interchange encampment cleanups

Within the last 6 to 9 months, emphasis area procedures have been made more consistent

Must be posted, and a presence maintained, to enforce the city procedures

SPD left 18:55

Rebecca would like to

Make a plan to house all the people

2. City Council Debates

How can we have more community engagement within the city governance

Larry went to the City Council debate last month -- Sawant seemed to lecture the crowd

The city council elections are this November

3. Emergency Planning Update from Linda

Linda said the presentation went very well. Although it was under-attended, the crowd seemed to be well engaged.

Dianne Beverly is interested in taking over the Emergency Hub effort, and she also participated in the drill.

Grant writing has stalled. Hopefully Rebecca, Linda, and Dianne can start back up this effort.

Linda is currently Hub Captain, and doesn't want to be, so hopefully Dianne, lives in the neighborhood can take over. Need 6-8 weeks lead time until you can get the funds. Octoboer is this year's deadline to apply. It's a Small Sparks grant.

Yeorgia arrived 19:16

We need a radio, chairs, tent

Security is also important, so we need more peace-keeping training for the group that oversees the Emergency Hub

4. Cleanup Day was Great!

Turnout was excellent, and lots of needles were collected.

We used to do this 2x times a year.

Map is slightly incorrect, our neighborhood is west of the park

5. Sara from SDOT

Beginning of Sept for the left turn from Jackson (westbound) to Rainier Ave (southbound) Neighborhoor Matching Fund

Also for Charles Ave S, to turn right onto Rainier Ave (northbound) should have its own dedicated right-turn lane painted

The neighborhood is getting more and more jammed up, and it's nearly impossible to get out of the neighborhood already (as a car)

Action items:

  • Apply for neighborhood street matching fund
  • Request lines to be painted for right turn on westbound Charles to go North on Rainier
  • Ask for SDOT input on the neighborhood, and how often and exactly when they come, we want them to observe rush-hour weekedays

Natalie who lives in the building came to learn about the community

Linda thinks there will need to be extra parking restrictions

Natalie is wondering if there is any way that we can talk with SPD

6. Other items

Is the Muir being occupied? It is, but it's slow to fill in

There have been some complaints about the public art at the Muir

Film on Gentrification will screen on the 25th (Tuesday) at the African American Museum, Rebecca and Yeorgia will post about this

Flag Cafe: Issue with the outlet that's outside, because the outlet is always active; wondering if we can contact the cafe owner

  • Rebecca to reach out, potentially have artists use the space as an outlet to sell art

7. Next Meeting topics

July 8th, 2019

  • City Council
  • JPCC Election
  • Neighborhood Watch, Linda is interested

Email anything else in as well

Adjourn 20:00