May 2019, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date


  • - Brian H
  • - Brian D
  • - Mike
  • - Vince
  • - Michael
  • - Larry
  • - Bill
  • - Police Officers: 
    • ○ Officer Hayden - Day Shift
    • ○ Officer Nelson - Night Shift
    • ○ Lt. Leung
    • ○ Officer C. George - Community Policing Officer 



Meeting started at 6:35pm

Officer Outreach

  • - We are interested in having more open/regular contact with JPCC
  • - Prepared crime stats w/in 4 block radius
    • ○ Property crime down 30% (220 calls in 2018)
    • ○ Car theft is up
    • ○ Break ins are up
    • ○ Crimes against person is same
  • - JPCC ask is are there trends? How does our neighborhood compare to the city at large? 
  • - They encourage us to start a block watch, not to address crime but general safety
  • - The say always report a crime, to get into the system which affects resourcing for the area
  • - Cory George is the person to go to for long term issues, Brian D to confirm that he is coming to June's meeting to provide an update on stats
  • - George 3 is the police district for JPCC
    • ○ Precinct Map

Opportunity Zone

- Daniel Sims did not show up

Emergency Planning Debrief

- No one was here to cover the debrief

Neighborhood Clean Up Debrief

- Not discussed

Accessibility for I90 off ramps

- No response from SDOT

Trash Collection

  • - SPU is required to come and view if any complaint is made
  • - No solution that includes houses that don't have alley access
  • - SPU says alley pick up is preferred by the city
  • - No Decision from the board

Dearborn and Davis Property

- Got the SEPA decision

  • - Does JPCC want to appeal?
    • ○ Costs $50 filing fee
  • - Council doesn't feel that we have a valid appeal
  • - Bill is going to follow up on this issue

CANDC Questions

  • - The board suggested various question to Bill, wanted the questions to focus on how will the solutions effect district 3 in particular
  • - If you have other ideas for questions, send them to Bill

ADU Roundtable

  • - Rulings on new ADU released today (Monday 5/15), it's moving forward to the city council 
  • - Doesn't affect JPCC because we no longer have any zoned single family lots
    • note from Brian Danin: proposed code changes will impact ADU options throughout the city, and they haven't yet been passed, but likely will pass soon; includes lowering regulations, likely changes to owner-occupancy requirement, financing help, permitting expediting, the city wants more ADUs built in the city to increase housing capacity


  • - Can we get a list from Laura of all SDOT work or proposed work?


Original Proposed Agenda and some notes:

  1. Lt. Leung

    Community Policing and General Area Update

    Propose having a monthly short update

  2. Opportunity Zones

    Daniel Sims

    Strategic Initiatives Advisor (Seattle Neighborhoods)

  3. Emergency Planning Meeting

    de-brief and post mortem on the Emergency Planning Meeting and Neighborhood Cleanup, to see what we would like to change/improve in the future

  4. Sidewalk right-of-ways and trash pickup

    Preston is not able to attend due to the time of day, he manages the complaints

    Call the customer service number and file a complaint, this is what happened on Hiawatha (948 Hiawatha was complained), and now has to address the whole block

    Issues with moving this to alleys (ie: Hiawatha St)


    >>> From Preston:

    In early January, the city received a complaint of a garbage cart being left on the street after collection.  My job as an inspector is to notify the customer that carts must be removed within 24 hours of a collection.   When arriving on Hiawatha St. I noticed there were multiple cart left on the side walk.  Attempting to resolve the issue I thought having an alley collection would be one of the better solutions, taking into consideration of customer attempting to transport 90g recycling carts up and down many steps.  I have met with the contractor several times about moving collections to the alley.  The contractor has approved the alley to be serviceable for collections.  I would also like to reiterate, the truck that will service the ally are, limited access vehicles (LAV trucks).  They are not nearly as big as the trucks you see servicing the street collections.  I left door tags with my name and phone number, notifying the customers of the potential relocation of their solid waste collection.  Again, I am open to hearing the concerns of the residents and open to exploring options within the guidelines I am bound by.  The overall objective is to have the carts removed from city right of way after collection.




    Preston W.



    Poll on NextDoor:

  5. come up with a question (or questions) that we would want the distrct council to ask the candidates?   The first half of the forum will be district council formulated questions, second half questions from the public


    CANDC candidate

    forum for the District 3 City Council seat. The forum will be on Thursday,

    June 13th (in place of our June meeting), from 6-10pm, at the Lutheran

    Church of the Good Shepherd (22nd and Union).

  6. Update on 870 Davis place, SEPA approved May 13, 2019

  7. ADU City RoundTable discussion.