April 2019 Meeting, JPCC

Meeting Date

Proposed Agenda

  1. 6:30pm: Approve Feb Minutes
  2. 6:35pm: Approve March Minutes
  3. 6:40pm: Crime issues (Dearborn St. harassment, growing encampments)
  4. 6:50pm: Emergency Preparedness
  5. 7:00pm: Neighborhood Clean Up
  6. 7:15pm: Central Area Chamber of Commerce (CACC) collaboration.
  7. 7:25pm: MHA Update
  8. 7:40pm: Construction Projects: Do we have a list of projects in our neighborhood?
    • If not, perhaps our DON rep can help with this?
    • 30 unit apartment building, 1626 King
  9. 7:50pm: Transit: Parking, Accessibility, Other Transit Issues