Feb 2019 JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date

MELANIE REED Is a new event coordinator for the artist lofts. She’ll have music on March 9 at 7pm


Our voice our choice ideas- apply by 2/22:

*speed bumps on 20th and 18

*fix tree root bumps around traffic circles

*lighing along pipeline-solar lights in trees?  Also more lighting on Charles

Maybe talk tO DEP HOMES about getting lighting by their new project


Check with SDOT when they will replace the pipe before plans


Already proposed left turn signals and other traffic calming though SDOT


Emergency hub- try to get involved in citywide drill by June first.  Get team- getHUB IN A BOX (first aid, tent, table, easel)(submitt by March)


Cindy Barker head HUB CAPTAIN-all city

Have a meeting at cafe weekend 2/24 10 am and buy coffee/tea for people- Chris, Paul, Diane, Rebecca, Linda are interested in the work