November 2018 Meeting

Meeting Date

11/12/18 JPCC Meeting

6-6:30pm Meet and Greet with neighbors

6:30-8:06pm JPCC Meeting


Introductions- 4 non-council members present


  1. Discussion of this year’s agenda and our short-term focuses in the next 1-3 months:

  • Eric asked about walking through the cohousing property, using their path and stairs. This is private property, but the diagonal pipeline path is public. Talked about the possibility of improving the pipeline path with lighting and landscaping.

  • Emergency preparedness. Figure out where to locate the “hub” of emergency supplies. Looking into St Mary’s and the Hiawatha. Linda is heading up this effort.

  • Nola asked about how to deal with noise coming from across Charles in the new apartment building. Recommended that she download an app that allows you to measure the decibels of the noise before she reports it. As a council, we also plan to invite the residents of that new building to events (maybe coffee hour) to get to know them.

  • Brian wants us to create a mission statement, and to layout a 1-5yr plan for the council

  • Rebecca is going to organize the first coffee hour in January. Maybe something we should do quarterly.

  • Nola noted that there has been less horn-honking at the Charles/Rainier intersection since SDOT installed the left turn signal. She complained about the time she is given to cross Rainier at Charles on the crosswalk. We recommended that she try it now that the left turn signal was installed, because it provided pedestrians with more time at the crosswalk. We also recommended that she time it with a stopwatch. She recommended we all check out this news piece on the dangers of Rainier She personally knows the reporter Steven Haig (sp?) and knows he’d be interested in revising it and doing an updated piece on Rainier.

  • Get flashing speed limit sign on off ramp from i90 onto N-bound Rainier


  1. Approved motion to submit three separate applications to the SDOT Neighborhood Street Fund Program grant. Grants are typically between $100k and $1MM. The three applications will propose:

    1. Fix 18th street anywhere in our neighborhood where the street needs repaving or tree roots dealt with

    2. Traffic calming measures throughout the neighborhood- use old studies already done

    3. Improve egress from our neighborhood by car. Add left turn signal at Charles turning onto 20th, left turn signal at 20th turning onto Jackson, and left turn signal turning at Jackson turning onto Rainier.

By Friday Nov 16, Brian will have drafts of the applications for us to review. Submit by next week.


  1. Dearborn/Davis Property- Still in SEPA review? Those who attended the meeting should be notified when SEPA review is complete. Recapped on public meeting that took place Nov 17, 2018. Brandon, the City Planner, was present. Brandon said he would require the developers to submit their construction plan and that’ll be managed by SDOT. We can only comment on the construction plan once it is posted. Bill suggested that we submit a public records request so that we can get more clarity on the City’s agreement with Homesight to sell it the property, and Homesight’s authority to sell it to DEP Homes.

  2. Meeting Times and Format-

Next time we do another “happy hour” for a half-hour before our regular meeting, we will get a liquor event license so that we can serve alcoholic drinks. This should cost $10/meeting. Brian is going to be the person to manage purchasing these, as he has done it before. He is going to get a license for the December holiday party meeting as well.

  1. Financial Sustainability of the Council-

  • Bring back the newsletters with paid ads? See the Leschi community one as an example.

  • When we are fiscal sponsors, we should charge a fee 10-20%

  • Online brochure and business directory, with paid ads and coupons from local businesses


  1. Crime and Safety-

  • Block watch program suggested- others expressed that this community has tried unsuccessfully to implement one for years

  • Neighborhood clean-ups- used to do them and partner with Casa Latina. Linda and Yeorgia volunteered to help. Talked about doing it in March.


  1. Next Three Months Focus on:

  • SDOT grant

  • Public Records Request for Dearborn/Davis property

  • Christmas Party

  • As new multi-family projects open in neighborhood, introduce ourselves to the leasing managers and try to get residents to come to our events

  1. Holiday Party- December 10, 2018

  • Plan for signs? Maybe something permanent that can be updated for each event. Chalkboard or realtor A-boards suggested. Maybe a plastic sleeve or flyer box for flyers.

  • Flyers- distribute them by hand throughout the neighborhood, distribute digitally to building managers, FB, website, etc. Mike getting Yeorgia the flyer file so that it can be updated. Yeorgia will work on updating it the weekend of Nov 16 and will send out a draft of the council mission and description to the council for review. Linda will oversee flyer distribution and other event promotion. When we post on Nextdoor, comment on that post.

  • Cake walk

  • Pot luck style food

  • Bill will talk to local breweries about donating

  • Rebecca will talk to Humble Pie, Cheeky’s, other restaurants on Jackson

  • Yeorgia will talk to San Fernando and Café Weekend


Other to do: clean 2 neighborhood drains each