August Meeting

Meeting Date



  1. Michael Pollard and DEP Homes project presentation and discussion: 6pm - 7pm
  2. Sound Transit, Zack Ambrose: 7pm - 7:30pm
  3. Other items, BBQ elections planing for next month 7:30pm
  4. Other

6:10pm commence


Yeorgia; Neighbor; Mark Loyd; Christopher Flemming, neighbor; Brent Lacky, SPU and president of Ballard community counsil; Sharon Cosla, neighbor, neighbor to DEP site, architect; Rebecca Adrian; Mike Brestel; Vince; Diane, neighbor; Larry Logue; Larry Wilcox; Michael Pollard, DEP rep; Bill Bradburd; Brian Danin; Neighbor

1. DEP Presentation

Michael Pollard

almost all of the garden is outside of the construction zone

presentation of the plans

about 1200 ft^2 each

sewer main will be extended up to Davis, very expensive to do this

Parcel C and B together (King County property line records)

6:16pm, Bill B. leaves

6:21pm, Michael arrives

note, see 807 Davis Pl page

Discussions about the

Discussion about city ordinance from 2003 issues.

  • Council Bill Number: 114516
  • Ordinance Number: 121135

affordability requirements, none currently planned, market-rate only

asked about activations within the community, and concerns over the fence in the back

Developers said we can work together regarding the design of the fence, and that it doesn't have to be a 6 foot cedar fence

The community would like more engagement with the space, and would like to see more ability to engage with neighbors

4 permits are going through

master use permit (in first review)

building permit (in first review)

unit lot subdivision (not yet submitted)

they're willing to look at moving where the trash is located

Hardy plank is a better material, could there be plank on all units (as opposed to board)?

developers wanted some variation of texture, community members are asking for more plank-style

color question? community expressed an interest in colors

Brent Lackey, Major Watersheds Strategic Advisor, SPU left at 7pm and said to contact him if any questions about the pipeline

  • 206-784-7890

at least 2 weeks to get an opinion, but committed to send us an opinion regarding the Council Bill and Ordinance

Michael Pollard

  • 206-818-2595

2. Zack Ambrose Sound Transit

click here to download (143MB .pptx)

only board members and Christopher and Brian from community remain

Community outreach rep to this area (i-90 and mercer)

will probably have more ridership than currently predicted / advertised (based on current trends)

downtown tunnel (Bellvue), completed 5 months ahead of schedule

lots of current work is seismic retrofitting of the bridge, and not visiible to the outside

Mercer Island station has been under construction for about 1 year, will be very similar to how the Judkins Park station will be similar, such as sound-walls to block I-90 noise for waiting on the train

Judkins park station: some demolition, excavation, utilities, the bridge crossing Rainier is being post-tensioned inside

9/22/2018 the flyer bus (on the bridge) will close, to reopen in 2023 as the Judkins Park Station

Head house construction (Rainier entrances) will begin this year, likely it's when

3 weekends of Rainier Ave S. closing

  • Oct 12-14
  • Oct 19-21
  • Oct 26-28

Parking planning will not begin until 1 year prior to opening (so 2022), SDOT driven

5 civil construction contract. All the systems for electrics, etc being done at the same time

maintenance faciilty being built around Bellvue for the trains

3. conversation about elections

4. Jazz Walk Sponsorship

Would be nice to keep people around the business areas at the end of each night

we need to see receipts or invoices for each performer to whome we will write a check

5. adjourn 7:45pm