July Meeting

Meeting Date

6:00pm start

  1. Row houses
  2. MHA EIS Appeal updates
  3. Transit issues, SDOT and ST
  4. Your Voice Your Choice
  5. Emergency hub location and Emergency preparedness
  6. Letter regarding Emphasis Area follow up
  7. Other business

6:05 PM meeting begin

0. People Present

Michael, Mike, Vince, Rebecca, Yeorgia, Linda, Diane Beverly (community member), Brian, Karen Ko, Marc, Bill, Larry, Chris Arms (community member)

1. Row houses

added to beginning of meeting by Marc

Mark went by homesite and asked them about it

They sold the place in May, and all the development pre-work has been done, there was some sort of agreement that this plot of land could be sold at market value (decision made during recession)

lots were subdivided from the larger lots that were sold

Chris Arms is on the corner of Dearborn and the row house projects

Chris has a statement: is immediately across the street and is an architect

this development is just small enough that it doesn't have to go in front of the design review board, and thus we have little leverage

DEP Homes is the current owner and they are required by code to do some community outreach, and they have to come before this body (which has not yet happened)

7 units are planned

Rebecca has a question about the "green aspect" and there is some sort of precurory work with regards to a rock wall

Water pipeline is listed as "unimproved alley" but in reality is that

Chris said we need to reach out to the conacts listed on the construction board

Additionally, they need to greatly prune the walnut conopy and there are a few specific rules

Bill says Board can appeal the subdivision of the parcel split from 4 into 7, we may be able to appeal the process

Yeorgia said that the tree involved was recently (within the last 6 months) dedicated as an "exceptional" tree, which is different than a more highly protected version of the tree declaration. The tree and the water pipeline

Dianne says that DOT owns the alley with the pipeline. There is a 30 foot easement for the pipeline. What are the plans to make sure there is no damage to the gardens in the public property / neighborhood enhancement? Where will the construction staging take place?

0. Introductions, 6:28pm

went around the room and introduced those in attendance

1. Resume HomeSite discussion 6:30pm

document said they can dump sand and dirt into the alley with notice and compensation

SPU will also have requirements of the weight limits with regards to the pipeline

There should be intake documents with the project to make sure that SPU knows about the impacts of the project

The city should put out notices

There is a contact on the board, with an active project number and an email (city planner)

Recommendation is for everyone to reach out to the email on the sign and find out more about the project.

Brian motions to contact SPU as a board

Rebecca and Marc second, no opposition, passes unanimously

Yeorgia to reach out to SPU and alert them of the project and potential impact to the pipeline

Letters to the city planner suggestions:

Ask about concerns regarding the project, and note that no communication from the developer has happened, and we think that's required, so we would like to know more about this important piece of land.

See what is required of the developer, and get that person to come to the board meeting.

New staff person in the dept of neighborhoods for the July 1st design review and smaller developments will trigger outreach to community.

0. Paul Crane arrives 6:45pm

checklist was filed regarding the tree

Paul was involved with drafting the original plans for the project, and Paul thinks they will have to cut the project back

Green factor: there needs to be a certain amount of storm water and runoff

green factor: requirement by the city for the developer to implement this in the design.

Paul recommends going to City of Seattle permits: 803 Davis Pl S. is the correct address to look up

2. Appeal MHA EIS update from Bill 6:50pm

Completed first week of the city

Urban village review for the city, and city ignored recommendations, and reissued the report scrubbing the document to better fit MHA Grand Bargain

Successful first week, and other dispositions against the city, and meanwhile mediation is ongoing with the city. There is no race and social justice mandate, but there is lots of marketing talk regarding this, so there is more

Meetings pick up again in July. Budget cycle will pick up a decent amount, so there isn't much time for the city council and this whole process will likely push into 2019.

Next hearing is week of July 20th (the Monday), and then August 20th (Monday), and again 20th Monday of Sept.

Bring RSJ (racial justice) be brought into the mediation is now a core request to the city. The goal is to keep working with negotiations.

3. SDOT and Transit issues 7:05pm

Letter drafted by Rebecca to SDOT, and Paul said that everything is on hold until the new director comes.

We need to keep reminding SDOT that we need some help with our neighborhood as soon as possible when the new director comes on board. New directory search is in progress, but no timeline yet.

motion to send letter to Sam by Brian, Marc seconds

no opposition, unanimous, letter to be passed around first

0. Bill leaves at 7:15pm

4. Your Voice Your Choice, by Karen Ko


5. Emergency Hub location

Linda reached out to find out more about the hub in a box and the location for the P-Patch

Paul said that the pipeline shutoff valve location is seismically significant and it would likely create a geyser and wouldn't be safe.

Perhaps co-housing would make more sense.

Wherever it is, it will need some sort of security so that it doesn't get broken into.

There is an area near Judkins and there is a place they sometimes rent it out sometimes. so perhaps we can store the hub there.

Also, because the Giddeons school is moving out, then maybe there will space available there.

Linda will continue to keep reaching out to good potential locations.

0. Pual and Yeorgia leave at 7:30pm

The emergency hub requires a decent amount of room to operate, at least the size of this room.

Probably need to plan similar to a real drill, and the location

6. Emphasis area letter

Marc says there is a plan coming together that will provide clarity and consistency in the city approach

7. Next meeting

August 13th, ST invited, need to plan for holliday party

adjourn 6:45pm