June meeting

Meeting Date

6pm Start

  1. MHA appeal, need approval for today (EIS appeal update)
  2. Letters to city, and invite mayor to speak, pre-discussion
  3. Emphasis area and illegal camping followups
  4. Emergency Preparedness
  5. Other items

Board present

Rebecca, Mike, Linda, Larry, Bill, Yeorgia, Brian

A few neighbors (5 total)

MHA Appeal, priority items

Negiotiating items (confidential still, going into mediation with the city), provided 69 items, we need to vote on no more 18 items.

went through 18 items we plan to support, and background of the MHA EIS appeal

motion to approve the negotiating items

Brian motions to support this

Rebecca seconds

Everyone passes the motion

Bill leaves at 7pm

Followup to the city, letters

Rebecca drafted a letter to the mayor as a draft, we will continue to draft this message


Alma may be able to help us get a traffic study.

Is there a way to get info into Waze or Google maps to stop routing people down our streets?

Rebecca to write them about the stoplights

Talking about studying traffic patterns ourselves

From: Schellenberg, Dawn Sent: Friday, May 11, 2018 3:19 PM To: Ko, Karen Karen.Ko@seattle.gov Cc: Edmonds, Becky Becky.Edmonds@seattle.gov; Nemani, Venu Venu.Nemani@seattle.gov; DOT_WalkAndBike walkandbike@seattle.gov Subject: RE: SDOT contact?

Hi Karen [Ko]-

For now you can share Becky Edmonds contact info for on-street parking questions/concerns. She is cc’d here.

Venu Nemani from Traffic Ops met with the Community Council earlier this year to talk about traffic operations in the neighborhood, so he would be a good contact for traffic issues. However, if folks are emailing him, I’d have them include the Walk and Bike email (cc’d here) on correspondence. This will help track requests given the large volume of emails staff receives.


Dawn Schellenberg

Seattle Department of Transportation

O: 206-684-5189 | M: 206-255-9391


Emergency Hub

Tom left early, but Linda thinks that the climbing water p-patch might be ok to locate the emergency hub box

discussion about the location, it might be too small

we will need to have some sort of dedicated community involvement, so we are thinking it could be the focus of the July meetingm

Next meeting

Next meeting: July 9th