May meeting

Meeting Date


  1. East Precinct discussion: 6:35pm
  2. Kelly, Artist's loft upcoming event: 7:30pm
  3. Karen Ko (DON): 7:40pm
  4. Meeting time adjustment for next month: 7:42pm
  5. Yeorgia, garden: 7:43pm
  6. Emergency preparedness: 7:45pm
  7. Bill - EIS update: 7:50pm


Special Guests

  • Lt. S. Paul Leung #4760, second in command, East Precinct
    • Operations Lieutenant
    • phone: 206-684-4306
  • Nyjat P. Rose-Akins, sits in e precinct
    • Precinct Liaison Attorney
    • phone: 206-684-4375
  • Karen Ko
    • Community Engagement Coordinator
    • Office: 206.233 3732
    • Cell: 206.786.3287
  • Tom
    • emergency preparedness rep


  • Larry
  • Mark
  • Rebecca
  • Michael
  • Linda
  • Brian
  • Yeorgia (later)


  • Vince
  • public, roughly 10

1. East Precinct (EP) conversation 6:35pm

We had a lengthy and productive discussion with Lt. Leung and Attorney Rose-Akins

Preface from JPCC

The community council has had several discussions, and keeps getting information regarding "Emphasis Areas" and we want to know, specific to Emphasis Areas, what are the rules, plans, protocols, and help the community might be able to receive from official city resources.

First remarks by EP

this is changing daily, hourly, hard to keep up with changes


citywide procedures are going to be the same

ACLU is suing the city, litigation regarding property rights of homeless people's property

people in emphasis areas that say no to authorities

enforcement is a mechanism, trespassing is generally the charge, and there is lots of process required

resources, navigation team is small

city can only have 10 emphasis areas, right now 7 or 8 total exist

procedure around what is "emphasis" -- finalizing the process in the sense

CPT (community police officers) officers will now start getting involved

notice you have to leave within 24hrs

officer then has to return, not usually within 24hrs

they want to give proper notice to people

Don't the rules state no advanced notice for Emphasis Area?

EP answer: yes, but they have a different protocol

Community response about arrests:

overall, would like to avoid arrests -- only as a last resort

question: how much longer will we keep along the same "failed" policies of navigation team, $50M + $75M annual budgets

general discussion, public discussion, new mayor, give the mayor time to take direction and figure out what's going on

CPT, is supposed to get on the emphasis area, by end of May

who is in charge of the schedule and sticking to the plan?

Deferred to the Mayor's office, they're drafting the ever-changing plan

Officer Leung

we need proper training for the night-time officers

Fri thru Sat, they wouldn't have any night resources, but during the week they would

Lewis: only 4 officers for each precinct CPT members (they only work daytime)

3 emphasis zones in the east Precinct

(Yeorgia arrived, 19:10)

Leung started this specific job 6 or 7 months ago

plan is changing daily, so it's hard to consistently plan

they had feedback when they make immediate moves (arrests) out of the emphasis areas

We would like large no camping signs put in the area

Community request, but we're not sure who would be in charge of putting signs there

What can we do to help?

City budget for homeless: some of the budget has to go to SPD, mostly for training and some additional staff resources

again, have to contact the mayor's office, and try to hold council member accountable as to where the budget is being spent

Best way to report encampments, including in the Emphasis Area

use find-it fix-it app to report encampments, they prefer that method

Board's next steps

will have a follow-up on the second Monday of June -- and will reconvene

Larry: what is best way to contact the Mayor?

Get as many people to write into the mayor's office

Ask for a meeting with the representative or the mayor / rep

city attorney, Rose-Akins' boss, we can send a letter to the city attorney's office as well

how can an area become emphasized?

tabled, ran out of time

2. Kelly, Artist's loft upcoming event: 7:30pm

Back to the 80's, council is the fiscal sponsor

they would like the facebook event page publicized, Brian will post to the Facebook page

it's already on nextdoor

10th anniversary party for the area

they need a fiscal sponsor signature

3. Karen Ko (DON): 7:40pm

Karen will provide SDOT contact to board, and suggested we contact Sound Transit to come talk to our board.

COO Sound Transit, we have a contact (Kelly, putting on the party)

Next meeting, would like to bring a few new tools for communities and show us how they work

Possibly in June, 10 minutes

4. Meeting time adjustment for next month: 7:42pm

Probably start meetings a bit earlier? 6pm?

Rebecca motions 6pm start, run until 8pm, Monday the 11th as new normal start time

No objections

5. Yeorgia, garden: 7:43pm

finished feasibility, and set to close May 21st, plants all need to move by end of the month

we don't have new buyers info

trying to figure out the pipeline impacts, and find out what kind of development might be happening

6. Emergency preparedness: 7:45pm

all places for emergency locations seem to be bad for some reason or another, can we put it up at the bottom of the pipeline?

we would like to get

we don't have a hub captain

Tom is starting to startup a hub at Garfield

Tom is trying to talk to all the council's to make sure there is continuity.

Needs to go onto next week's agenda

7. Bill - EIS update: 7:50

background on HALA and EIS

part of coalition that is fighting back against the MHA + HALA

no real updates yet, but pulling together a final expert witness

raised over $100k for 2 lawyers, and 40 expert witnesses

trial would be scheduled end of June to go to the end of August

city is interested in negotiating, with a 3rd party mediator

still trying to figure out what we would want to get out of mediation

such as:

  • stronger inclusionary of affordable units req's
  • more community engagement

legal process is ongoing

Next meeting topics:

  • Followup on Emphasis Area and illegal camping
  • Special eventΩ

Adjourn, 7:55pm