Monday March 12 Meeting

Meeting Date


  1. Karen from DON
  2. I-90 "Emphasis Area"
  3. HALA EIS appeal
    • Outreach to all JP residents to let them know about the City’s proposal and our appeal, and what they can do to get involved if they wish
    • JPCC responding to a questionnaire developed by SCALE about impacts to the local community
    • How best to do regular updates to the community about what is happening
  4. SDOT updates (if any)
  5. emergency communication hub in Jackson Place -- tabled
    • Office of Emergency Management rep


Susan (from Dept of Neighborhoods [DON]) wanted to find a contract from home-site about the lot at the top of 18th No more Was for sale for $350k, now asking ~ $850k

will table the garden conversation


6:40pm call to order: Karen Ko (special guest, DON), Yeorgia, Michael, Mike, Brian, Mark, Larry, Bill, Vince, Rebecca (18:50)


Told us about the neighborhood,

handed out a few flyers

Rebecca arrives during Karen discussing DON

I-90 Emphasis Area

Update from Mark

72hrs for non-emphasis and offered another sheltered, etc. Mark was at MDAR meeting, and explained that we would like constant, civil, vigilance (and not just here in our neighborhood) Navigation does most of their work finding time finding resources, so they are not spending much time (not enough resources) making sure emphasis areas are cleared. Would be nice if we had a neighborhood police (we aren't doing community-beats any longer) Next meeting, at beginning of March. MDAR comity (to monitor city of compliance of MDAR)

Rebecca: Do people that are there know it's "emphasis" ? Mark said some may, but probably not, they want to just find a place that works to stay.

Navigation team has asked if police can help, police said they don't have time.

There are some folks that are moving into housing.

Garbage is being cleaned up more frequently. Some of the encampments near the hwy are cleaner than they used to be.

Mark is trying to get more sharps disposable containers that can be carried around and will hopefully reduce sharps.

We would like the emphasis area to remain clean and "emphasized" and don't think the navigation team is the correct group to do this, because their time would be better served as an advocate group that spends their time looking for housing and solutions

Action item: Karen Ko to help find out if there are any city council or mayoral directives that would block the police from engaging in the emphasis areas. Brian has been told by the police that their hands are tied even in the emphasis area and that only the navigation team can engage with people in these areas, otherwise we need to talk to city council representatives to get them to change their policies. Also, is there any difference with

Rebecca: this problem won't go away, so thinks we should try and connect with other neighborhood groups to see how we can collectively group together to provide additional positive solutions

Bill: on cottages - there is a housing and supportive services, trying to find a household per block to have a cottage

Rebecca suggests we do this next week, have a presentation and discussion about it for May

Bill wants to discuss before we make it a public meeting topic to make sure we have a good idea of what we're trying to achieve.

Various other housing and water initiatives were discussed. Mark has been doing all sorts of various outreach and initiatives.

Mark knows someone that may be able to come.

SDOT updates

Rebecca hear they have changed their team.

HALA and transportation issues with density.

Maybe doing a study - Bill talked about SVR helping JPCC to do this a number of years ago, and they were able to identify cut-through traffic by writing down last 3 digits of license plates coming and going, at various times of the day.

SDOT has said cut-through traffic in our neighborhood has decreased, but there hasn't been an equivalent study, so the comparison may not be very legitimate.

EIS Updates

JPCC is a member of SCALE

Karen left before discussing.

Trying to add groups. Roughly 30 groups. ByLaws continue to be a struggle and focus. Interrogatories and discovery was due at end of Jan. and city has 30 days to respond, but city needed 90 days.

Now, August is when all the legal process needs to be completed.

City is making "back channel" motions that the city may be interested in a settlement.

What would a settlement request?

First focus might be on MHA: more % of affordable housing, and in-lieu-of fees to be higher

Process changes as well: not so much of a back-door deal.

Including topics like traffic and traffic-planning during a planning phase. This would allow for better inclusive requests of what we would like to see.

The neighborhoods used to be much more involved in the growth plans process.

Zoning and code changes that we would like to see that would lead to more effective growth plans for the city.

The city was already 1 year behind the EIS to begin with. The appeal process will delay matters a little, potentially. Currently there is no MHA in effect for our neighborhood.

There are some important meetings coming up.