Mon. Feb 12 Meeting

Meeting Date


  1. review notes from last meeting
  2. report back about any more news Paul is able to get from SDOT
  3. discussing updates to the the Appeal of MHA EIS that Bill is going to present
  4. contract between City and Homesight about the property they are trying to sell at Dearborn and Davis Pl.
  5. I-90 Emphasis area

Larry, Vince (non-voting), Paul, Linda, Brian, Mark, Mike, Michael, Bill, Rebecca

Meeting Begin, 18:30, Mon. Feb 12

1. last meeting

discussion with SDOT

took up most of the meeting

Rebecca to report back with minutes from the last meeting, she's not present at the moment (arrived after discussion, sent email)

Westbound to I5 closure, lots of discussion -- leads

Email from Rebecca, minutes from Jan Meeting

Report from us.: the east/west Corridor work from Madison to volunteer Park will be going on and more work on 18th and Rainier and King.
There is no current plan for rainier and Jackson signal. In the future when the bike lane is put in there will be no right turn from Dearborn on to rainier northbound. In conjunction with Seattle bike advisory board there’s a plan for bike paths updated every five years. We discussed our concerns and complaints upon hearing that there would be some limited turns from Weller going out of the neighborhood and discussed in-depth with the three transportation officials our interest in having a turn light off of 18th or 20th into the neighborhood to help people to get access into the neighborhood when there’s a lot of traffic on Jackson. Or to also have a light on rainier that has a left turn signal going from Jackson to rainier southbound so that people can get onto the freeway without cutting through on Charles. It sounded like the member from the traffic group thought that there could be some left turn changes before the end of the year. The city is more interested in putting a turn light on 18th.

We have some questions about the 23rd Corredor work that’s continuing southbound but we were told that there is a different coordinator for that his name is Adonis Duckworth who I think is the communications manager and we expressed some interest in things This SDOT TEAM could pass on to Adonis which were namely more signs about when work would be occurring and when that would be closures for all intersections and more ADA accessibility. We continued to express concern about the big amount of traffic that impacts walkers and school children and were told that we could ask for grants to do flag parties and install our own flags at some intersections. I apologize for not writing my note sooner I don’t remember all the details for this last piece which is some cryptic note of “Judkins park station access plan and the I 90 crosswalk” but I think it was talking about making those crosswalk safer and more signaled now that I’m thinking back on it and Mark can add more details so that.

2. SDOT from Paul

Paul spoke with Sam Woods, there was other staff at the last meeting

Sam will put a final report together for us, and will come back and send us a summarized memo after the secondary look

not complete, new director, John Spearman, they want to look at the Jackson Place plan as a whole

Redlight camera is back on the table

also to re-design the intersection at Rainier and Dearborn

also Charles and the light and traffic

also King and the light and the greenway with cycling

lots of busses going north on Rainier, directed off the I-90

Mark dislikes the redlight cameras, asks if the board is in favor of them? In the case of Rainier, based on discussion, the council is in favor of the red light cameras. Call for a vote:

  • yays: 6
  • nays: 4 (includes Vince, so only 3)

The council is in favor

we aren't sure how things will change after the construction will be in terms of needs for the red light camera

question about westbound bicycle traffic, they will all be on the north side of the street

3. Appeal of MHA EIS from Bill

hearing currently scheduled for mid-April

first deliverable from city to us, discovery, etc ... was supposed to respond in 30 days, but city said not enough time and needs 90 days, so hearing not likely until mid June now. Wed. is second pre-hearing conference and schedule will be reassessed. More groups are joining (not the technical already filed appeal with 26) but the coalition is growing and fundraising is going well, on track to hit fundraising goals. 22 appeal areas that are being addressed. A team with legal lead for each. Bricklan and Newman is the environment law firm representing the appeal, and they agree that the EIS is inadequate. Some issues may be summary judgment. Here in JP, Sharon Khosla (is on the Central Area Land Use Review Committee LURC with Bill) will be helping with Jackson Place analysis. Questionnaire has gone off to the 26 neighborhoods for the appeal. First set of reviews going through in Dist. 4 for Ballard and Northeast area. The pro HALA group is supported by Seattle for Everyone (funding from FB and Vulcan) and pushed by the non-profit housing industry (they have financial interest in Grand Bargain). One major complaint is that the MHA in-lieu of fees are too low (so the developers will pay the fees to the non-profit housing sector), so Appeal would like the in-lieu-of fees to be higher (state law allows higher fees to encourage onsite affordable units), and also to have higher percentages of affordable units per project. Downtown has less than 5% quotas and with inclusionary units at rates demanded elsewhere in the city, enough affordable units could come from downtown and neighborhoods wouldn’t need upzones. June to July will be the likely hearings. Late March and Early April is when the focus will be on Dist. 3 (ours), next up will be Dist. 5 (after Dist 4)

Rebecca is wondering if there is a pre-meeting prior to the hearing meeting ? Bill would like to have a neighborhood briefing. We believe that many people in the neighborhood don't realize that the neighborhood is being rezoned, nor do they know about the appeal. Stuff is out there, but we don't necessarily have a neighborhood specific message on Facebook, Nextdoor, etc.

How can the board help the neighborhood know more about what is happening? There is a kit that Bill has that can help get the word out.

Events from the city to present HALA

MHA public hearings as well for district 3. The CA LURC will be presenting an open house and briefing that will explain deficiencies of the MHA proposal (scheduled for April 11).

What would the ideal regulatory scheme be? Each neighborhood may want to have their own localized impact statement and planning around specific neighborhoods.

Prior to meetings with additional people, if we had a document that showed or explained what the process might be?

Bill proposes a committee for local outreach. Linda, Rebecca, Bill, Brian and Mike will meet to establish a plan of action for better neighborhood outreach.

4. City and Homesight

Email from Yeorgia:

After that meeting, we formed a garden conservation coalition. Our neighbor in the co-housing, Susan, has been working with the Dept of Neighborhoods to find the records of this agreement. So, far, they haven't found anything definitive.

Homesight got an offer on that property and the buyer is still in a feasibility period. The feasibility period got extended and there are several concerns facing a developer who attempts to build there. Our coalition is working on getting a back up offer together in case that purchase falls through.

Let me know if you would like to be added to the coalition email list. It is a small group that has met once and has coordinated mostly via email.

5. I-90 Emphasis Area

underneath the bridge, the sweeps took place today, and now across the street is an issue

MDAR is the emphasis area, where people are not allowed to camp at all

They have come up with not-so-emphasis areas that are inside the Emphasis Area

How can we as a council get more attention?

send emails to places and CC the city council, similar to the postcards.

Motion of support for "Emphasis Area" enforcement

Brian: Motion to support a resolution that the council would like the emphasis area (especially under I-90) enforced as written, where illegal camping is removed expediently.

Seconded by Paul

Passed unanimously

Mark said he will bring to a meeting tomorrow with the Mayor Durken's deputy (not sure which one)

6. other business

would like to ask Green Door to lock their garbage area, because there is some issue there

Everyone in favor of this

Mark is working on various solutions to trash and refuse problems in the camps in general

Rebecca says that it would behoove us to remain involved in the drug solutions part of the city at large, so we need to keep involved, and try to get involved in a larger way, being more involved in hearings, etc. Question from

Paul: Jenny Durkan still has not issued her own directive nor statement regarding homelessness and drug.


19:55 Brian motion to adjourn