JPCC Oct 2017 Meeting

Meeting Date



  1. Jazz Walk
  2. Positions + Elections
  3. Year ahead agenda + priorities


  • Rebecca Adrian
  • John (non-board)
  • Mark Loyd
  • Yeorgia Anastasiou
  • Bill Bradburd
  • Eugenie Jones
  • Paul Crane
  • Vince (non-board)
  • Michael
  • Linda James
  • Brian (non-board)
  • Larry
  • Brian Danin

not present: Mike Brestel

1. Jazz Walk (Eugenie)

Plan is to continue walk in 2018, needs to nail down fiscal sponsorship -- trying to figure out if April or Sept during the year. Previously, the Jazz Walk covered about 3 blocks, Jackson St S, around 20th down to 27th. Having more venues would help spread the event out, still figuring out details. Eugenie is new head, she has marketing background. Also, jazz musician. Welcoming emails for feedback and suggestions. More info at

2. Elections -- Jobs (board positions)


  • Set agenda
  • Provide leadership

Rebecca Adrian

Motion by Paul to nominate Rebecca, Larry seconded, passed unanimously, no abstentions

Vice President

  • Provides support to the president

Yeorgia Anastasiou

Motion, passed unanimously, no abstentions


Not a lot of work, 3 important things, and occasional bursts.

  • File IRS on-line form where you fill in about 5 lines
  • Secretary of state filing to remain as a non-profit (501-C-3)
  • New treasurer, new president, and one additional officer need to sign with the bank account
  • Deposit checks into the bank account

Michael Johnson

Nominated by Larry (outgoing treasurer), Seconded by Yeorgia, passed unanimously, no abstentions


  • Take accurate notes, capture facts and not emotions
  • Save notes in accessible locations
  • Post notes onto the website
  • Send action items to board
  • Take attendance of board members

Brian Danin

Nominated by Rebecca (acting president), passed unanimously, no abstentions

New Positions


  • Help with PR
  • Website/digital content and strategy

Linda James

Vote, all in favor or roles and positions: unanimously approved, all positions were running unapproved. No abstentions.

Motion to approve, passed unanimously, no abstentions

3. Agenda for the coming year

Figure out priorities and agendas for the coming year.

Guest speakers

The Plymouth Housing Group

Suggested by Paul

Karen Ko

Community Engagement Coordinator Community Engagement Coordinator (formerly Neighborhood District Coordinator) for the central region of the City now Would like to come every so often

Emergency Hub

  • Vince has taken the HAM radio course.
  • We would like to keep this on the agenda and
  • Add more information about emergency information about the neighborhood to the website.
  • We think our emergency indoor facility is Garfield Community center


  • Trying to get ahead of the RPZ issue (get some restrictions to parking) before the lightrail position comes in in 2023
  • We're already filling in, and a lot of the new construction is about to complete
  • Ultimately, we don't have enough parking for the number of people that live here
  • The lightrail will automatically install some sort of parking restrictions, but it may not affect the neighborhood further away from the station
  • Additionally, we would like to ensure that businesses have enough short term parking for their customers

Mailing Address

We will move to 12th and Jefferson site of Neighborhood service center when they move on/before the end of December

Safety in the Neighborhood

We can be more pro-active about keeping the area clean. To do: schedule a neighborhood cleanup (perhaps around end of oct/start of nov to deal with leaf accumulation and Halloween candy wrapper trash)

Emphasis Areas

Areas around Rainier and NB exit from I-90 Are supposed to be cleared out without any notice, so it's ok to call city about homeless campers in that area.

Potentially Officer Liaison

To come and talk about the beat at upcoming meetings

Block Watch

Liaison and community involvement, ideally make it the Hiawatha Business District

meeting adjourned at 8pm