Board meeting, 3/13/17

Meeting Date

JPCC Meeting

March 13, 2017 | 6:30 PM | Artspace Lofts




Board Member Name


Brian Danin


Alma Weber


Michael Johnson


Vince Furfaro


Larry Logue


Ann McNally


Rebecca Adrian


Bill Bradburd


Mike Brestel


Paul Crane




John is also here.



  1. Website

    1. We had a grant & can we use that money here? Bill? - We cannot use the money for the JPCC website. We were trying to make a platform that is replicable for newsletters and outreach for the community councils in the area. Troy Myer had looked into developing the platform which morphed into creating a database for his community council for membership, morphed into website, etc. That has morphed into a CNC project - district councils and community councils are moving onto this platform. Bill has done some SNC work on it. We could track email addresses, contacts, etc. We could put in events and it is based on proximity. The platform is called Civic CRM (or Civy CRM?). It is an open source platform customized for us.

      1. Maybe Troy and Brian could meet to discuss. Bill will put them in touch!

    2. Brian needs to find out what functionalities are on Troy’s platform before he builds out our website

      1. The by-laws are current.

      2. Nice things about this platform - we can share the minutes, we can create individual log ins to use the site.

    3. What core content do we want on the website?

      1. We can archive the old website

      2. News and info on upcoming events and trends

        1. Hierarchal list of categories (Rebecca can send it - along the lines of the trifold brochure)

      3. List of representatives for community council, county, state, and federal level (contact information as appropriate)

      4. Larry and Bill compose a paragraph on how we fit in with the new city council model

      5. Information on the newly formed civic engagement group

      6. Link to the shaping Seattle website

      7. Link to Facebook

      8. Link to Nextdoor

      9. Link to 911 calls

      10. Link to George3 Twitter

      11. JPCC meeting minutes

      12. Maybe board bios?

      13. We can also make some pages secret

    4. Please send Brian one thing each we’d like to see on the website!

    5. We need to define website governance procedures.

      1. Who can approve what can go on the website?

      2. Who is allowed to change content?

      3. Brian can develop some guidelines that we can vote on

  2. Voting on Hiawatha Business Association Signs

    1. Approved the business signs in December 2016 meeting

    2. Letter is signed and approved, Alma will submit to SDOT

  3. Letter to SDOT re. Protected bike lanes

    1. We feel like we’re getting support from Sam Woods

      1. No objections to the letter

    2. We wanted to document our requests

      1. Add to get speed bumps on 20th Ave - cut thru traffic - some type of speed calming on the road

      2. Add lane divider to prevent people from turning left into the gas station from S Charles St (will force people to go around the traffic circle, and encourage people to just turn right into the gas station from Rainier Ave S).

      3. Ask about more buses joining Rainier Ave S after 90 express lanes are closed

      4. Alma will find the form for agreeing to no parking

      5. Alma will find out more about the RPZ and how to initiate or is it forced once we have the Link?

    3. What can we do about trucks coming through?

      1. Signs that say “no trucks allowed”?

      2. Enforcement?

      3. Can we contact Google? Rebecca can ask her friend who might know the best way to get to Google? Maybe Ann will do it.

  4. Navigation Center presentation - April 10 meeting

    1. What do we want to hear?

      1. How can the center impact the situation in our area?

      2. What will the management be like? How will you keep the place staffed with good staff? Will they have community engagement?

      3. Allot 15 minutes for the presentation

    2. Mike - can you make another flyer for Cafe Weekend?

      1. John and Mike will make signs for our regular meetings (generic language)

      2. I think Rebecca was also working on this

    3. Alma will post to social media

  5. Neighborhood Clean-Up Date?

    1. Individual clean up - when inspired please pick up!

  6. Postcards are being printed and with stamps - blank postcards to be sent to whomever

    1. Send to councilmembers and Mayor, WSDOT, KC Metro, KC County Council

    2. John has tried to get them to pick up the trash that is organized, giving restrooms and laundry facilities, and no response from council

    3. No tracking of effectiveness

    4. Give guidance on who to send the cards to, what to say (sample language)

    5. John can organize the post cards when they come in, Paul will get the state and county mailing address

      1. John will email when postcards come out; Rebecca will pick them up

      2. Coordinate also with the other community councils

    6. Facebook page is “Clean up at Camp Dearborn” and there’s a thread on Nextdoor

  7. What do we want from the new civic engagement group?

    1. Collaborative, learn about what other councils in the district are doing

  8. Updates from other meetings

    1. Peter’s Place has an open house on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month

  9. Updates on individual priorities