May 2019, JPCC Meeting

Meeting Date


Proposed Agenda

  • Lt. Leung

  • Opportunity Zones (DON)

  • Emergency Planning Meeting

  • Sidewalk right-of-ways and trash pickup

Proposed Agenda

  • Lt. Leung
    Community Policing and General Area Update
    Propose having a monthly short update

Election BBQ

Meeting Date


began at 6pm, board present:

  • ALL: Linda, Yeorgia, Michael, Mike, Larry, Bill, Paul, Mark, Brian, Rebecca


Elected to the board for next year term, by show of hands, unanimously approved:

July Meeting

Meeting Date

  1. Row houses
  2. MHA EIS Appeal updates
  3. Transit issues, SDOT and ST
  4. Your Voice Your Choice
  5. Emergency hub location and Emergency preparedness
  6. Letter regarding Emphasis Area follow up
  7. Other business