Election BBQ

Meeting Date


began at 6pm, board present:

  • ALL: Linda, Yeorgia, Michael, Mike, Larry, Bill, Paul, Mark, Brian, Rebecca


Elected to the board for next year term, by show of hands, unanimously approved:

  • Linda, Yeorgia, Michael, Mike, Larry, Bill, Mark, Brian D., Rebecca, Brian H.

Adjourned at 8pm

August Meeting

Meeting Date




  1. Michael Pollard and DEP Homes project presentation and discussion: 6pm - 7pm
  2. Sound Transit, Zack Ambrose: 7pm - 7:30pm
  3. Other items, BBQ elections planing for next month 7:30pm
  4. Other


July Meeting

Meeting Date

  1. Row houses
  2. MHA EIS Appeal updates
  3. Transit issues, SDOT and ST
  4. Your Voice Your Choice
  5. Emergency hub location and Emergency preparedness
  6. Letter regarding Emphasis Area follow up
  7. Other business

June meeting

Meeting Date



  1. MHA appeal, need approval for today (EIS appeal update): 6 - 6:30pm
  2. Letters to city, and invite mayor to speak, pre-discussion: 6:30 - 7pm
  3. Emphasis area and illegal camping followups: 7 - 7:15pm
  4. Emergency Preparedness: 7:15 - 7:30pm
  5. Karen Ko (DON) resources: 7:30 - 7:45pm
  6. Other items: 7:45 - 8pm

May meeting

Meeting Date



  1. East Precinct discussion: 6:35pm
  2. Kelly, Artist's loft upcoming event: 7:30pm
  3. Karen Ko (DON): 7:40pm
  4. Meeting time adjustment for next month: 7:42pm
  5. Yeorgia, garden: 7:43pm
  6. Emergency preparedness: 7:45pm
  7. Bill - EIS update: 7:50pm

Monday March 12 Meeting

Meeting Date



  1. Karen from DON
  2. I-90 "Emphasis Area"
  3. HALA EIS appeal
    • Outreach to all JP residents to let them know about the City’s proposal and our appeal, and what they can do to get involved if they wish
    • JPCC responding to a questionnaire developed by SCALE about impacts to the local community
    • How best to do regular updates to the community about what is happening
  4. SDOT updates (if any)
  5. emergency communication hub in Jackson Place -- tabled
    • Office of Emergency Management rep

Mon. Feb 12 Meeting

Meeting Date



  1. review notes from last meeting
  2. report back about any more news Paul is able to get from SDOT
  3. discussing updates to the the Appeal of MHA EIS that Bill is going to present
  4. contract between City and Homesight about the property they are trying to sell at Dearborn and Davis Pl.
  5. I-90 Emphasis area